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Why we should study Sanskrit?

Why we should study Sanskrit

 Sanskrit is the most scientific language in the world. It is a multi-dimensional subject.  It is not difficult to be well oriented in Sanskrit within a limited period of time.  Some persons, who are not much acquainted with Sanskrit, or otherwise motivated, try to malign the glory of Sanskrit. Most of the persons are afraid of vastness and depth of Sanskrit Grammar. It is true that some grammatical knowledge is necessary to study Sanskrit.  It is true that  Grammar plays a significant role in Sanskrit, but it  is not all. Renowned Sanskrit scholar C. Kunhan Raja, after analysing divergent views has said--
‘’The Sanskrit language has been fully analysed and all facts relating to the structure of the language have been collected, classified and interpreted in works on grammar. When we take the entire field, there are many difficult corners within the language; the works on grammar present a picture of these difficult corners also. In the case of other languag…